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New residential development with underground parking, Plankenhofstraße, Munich

Design and coordination of a three-storey residential complex with 10no. apartments and underground parking.


The building is founded on a reinforced concrete base slab and constructed with masonry walls and reinforced concrete slabs to roof level. The outer wall construction is brickwork, which allows a monolithic wall structure. The timber roof truss is topped with sheet metal covering.


The basement and underground car park are located under the groundwater table. Due to hydrological conditions, they are designed as a "white tank", which means the structural concrete also doubles as a waterproof barrier.

Involvement:           Phases 1 - 4, + 5

Commencement of Construction:

                                   Autumn 2015

Completion of Construction:

                                   Autumn 2016

Structure:                 Gross Area = 2,579 m²

                                   Gross Volume = 6,409 m³

Cost:                          approx. €2 million gross (KG 300+400)

Architect:                 Zillerplus Architekten, Munich

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