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Construction of a Vocational School in Weilheim Obb

The 180m long and 30m high building accommodates numerous workshops and classrooms on two floors. In order to achieve clear spans and heights of up to 14 meters, the live loads from machinery and forklift traffic were considered.

The basement, ground floor and upper floors have been designed in reinforced concrete and to accomodate flat slab construction, the self-weights have been reduced utilising hollowcore elements. The roof frame with its supports incorporated into the outer wall is designed as a timber structure.  To allow for precise prefabrication with fast assembly processes and to optimize use of the material, 2.5m wide T-slab was designed and constructed using a 45mm thick laminated veneer timber plate with 3no. glued laminated timber webs.

Involvement:           Phases 1 - 6, + 8


Commencement of Construction:

                                   Autumn 2018

Structure:                 Gross Area = 18,230 m²

Cost:                          approx. €46 million gross (KG 300+400)

Client:                       County of Weilheim-Schongau

Architect:                 Krug-Grossmann-Architeckten, Munich

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