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Refurbishment and extension of Falkenhütte and reconstruction of Horst-Wels-Haus

´Falkenhütte´ was built in the 1920s using a timber framework. Due to the increasing demand for overnight stays as well as fire protection and food safety regulations, an extension was deemed necessary. Since the hut is a historically listed and protected building, the interventions needed to be carried out wisely and cautiously. The eaves of the extension had to be under the eaves of the existing structure. To increase the areas and spaces as required, the building is "buried" within the slope of the surrounding mountain.

The neighbouring ´Horst Wels´ Haus will be remodelled and rebuilt for functional reasons.

The building material used for both buildings is largely cross-laminated timber and reinforced concrete for the buried components. The roof of the extension is designed as a folded structure based on a pitched roof.

The particularly challenging task was to devise and use design methods based on fast and lightweight construction procedures in order to optimize transport and assembly costs (helicopters).

Involvement:           Phases 1 - 6, + 8

Commencement of Construction:

                                   Early 2018

Completion of Construction:


Bridge Area:             Gross Area= 1,298 m²

                                   Gross Volume= 4,521 m³  

Cost:                          approx. €4.05 million gross (KG 300+400)

Client:                        Sektion Oberland des DAV

Architect:                  Rainer Schmid Architekten, Munich

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