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New Sports Hall Development, Feldkirchen, near Munich

The building is 46m x 43m, with the equipment rooms increasing the building depth below ground level by approximately 5m.

The floor slabs and walls are reinforced concrete while the main roof construction is designed using timber. Curtains have been incorporated into the design to allow the division of the main space to separate halls. In each case, the curtains are integrated within the main U-section beams made of glued laminated timber.

In the middle of each of the hall sections, another pair of rectangular cross-section girders made of glulam take on the role of main support. A skylight is located above the pair of supports. The main girders have a span of approximately 28.5 meters and have a short cantilever above the grandstand. The secondary structure spans as a hollow box section with accoustic properties as a single-span beam with a clear span ranging between 6.1 - 6.8 meters. The column supports are constructed also in laminated timber. These are located away from the grandstand and they transfer the loads to the reinforced concrete slab. 

Involvement:           Phases 1 - 6, + 8

Commencement of Construction:

                                   March 2018

Completion of Construction:

                                   December 2018

Cost:                          approx. €8.5 million gross

Client:                        Community of Feldkirchen

Architecture and Structural Design:                 

The structural design was carried out under the direction of Krug-Grossmann-Architekten. In the interest of optimization and value engineering, the structural engineering team was directly involved in the planning of the structure.

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