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Merkendorf Community Centre

The 1920s Merkendorf Sportshall is currently undergoing refurbishment and change-of-use works to serve as a community centre.

The structural safety of the existing hipped roof was compromised due to the infestation of wood-destroying insects. The roof of the main space is supported by the addition of repetitive cross sections in wood, which follow the construction principle of a dual parabola. The rafters are divided into equal sections and the struts form the tangent of the parabolic arch.

The 1960s extension was demolished and the original structure was newly extended.

Involvement:           Phases 1 - 6, + 8 Structural Engineering &                                               Energy Certification 

Commencement of Construction:

                                   March 2018

Structure:                 Gross Area = 762 m²

                                   Gross Volume = 4,630 m³

Cost:                          approx. €1.58 million gross (KG 300+400)

Client:                       The City of Merkendorf

Architect:                 Krug-Grossmann-Architekten, Munich

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