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Renovation and Expansion of the Elementary School in Waldkraiburg

The extension consists of two wings with external dimensions of approx. 46m x 11m (north wing) and 10,5m x 33m (east wing) is a two stories concrete construction.The possibility to add another storey in the future is already considered.

The building consists of reinforced flat slabs on columns and walls. 

To keep the ground floor in the exterior of the east wing free of walls, the load from the slabs is taken by the wall-like beams.

The existing soil was replaced by a 46cm thick layer of glass foam gravel. In the area of the back filling of the exisiting basement, the loads are transferred to the untouched soil with concrete ring foundations. In the main entrance a concrete canopy has been realized. 

In the existing structure various interventions in the load-bearing system were necessary for functional and fire protection reasons.

(c) Krug Grossmann Architekten

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