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New building of a residential complex in a modular structure in Pfarrkirchen

The two 3-story buildings have dimensions of approx. 45m x 25m and 21m x 23m. The 144 modules made out of cross laminated were well prefabricated. The structure of the basic modules consists of one- and two-room modules, developed by our office. The dimensions of the grid as well as the transport width is 3,45m. To keep the staircases transparent and passable, the stiffening of the building was realized by integrated outcrossings in the corridor walls. The modules are put on a reinforced concrete floor slab as a foundation. The roof area is used for photovoltaic. The balconies are a steel construction, positioned in front of the modules. 

In addition to the residential buildings, there is a duplex garage with an energy cellar made out of reinforced concrete.


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