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New residential complex for numerous generations in Kranzberg

The complex consists of two houses, one for common use and an additional house. Both of the access balcony houses are made out of timber. The ceilings and walls fabricated with cross-laminated-timber. The roof is a rear ventilated purlin roof. The other both houses has masonry walls. The concrete foundation slab is founded on ductile ram piles for reasons of economy. The project is funded by the government of upper bavaria with the KommWFP Bayern.

Involvement:           Phases 1 - 6 + 8 + EnEV

Commencement of Construction:                

                                   April 2017

Structure:                 Gross Area 

                                   Gross Volume  

Cost:                          approx. 4.1 million € gross

Architect:                 Büro Dantele Architekten in Freising mit Kofink                                     Scheels Architekten in München

© mayer bährle Architekten

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