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Developement of the quarter Dülferanger

Densification of an existing residential quarter in the north of Munich with refurbishment of existing buildings. 

The project includes the new building of nine additional houses (Punkthäuser) to the already four existing buildings. This includes 250 flats, an underground car park and a kindergarten. The buildings have square floor plans and reach almost the high-rise building edge.

The underground car park is around 200m long and contains 324 parking spaces with double parking bays. The car park building connects the residential houses and is developed without joints. 

The foundation is provided by load-bearing reinforced concrete floor slabs. Since the basement is underneath the found water level, the basement is constructed with waterproof concrete. Micropiles are used for the buoyancy control. 

The walls, columns and ceilings of the buildings are reinforced concrete structures. 

The foundations of the existing buildings had to be undertaken using the jet grouting method. The cut-off wall around the excavation was build with the "mixed in place" method. Furthermore, the temporary escape stairways had to be calculated and constructed. 

Architect: Querkraft Architekten zt GmbH Wien

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